Kristine's commissioned work can be found in homes and businesses throughout Maine as well as the rest of the country.

She is always happy to collaborate and create a work of art that is special and unique to each organization or family she works with. Below are several example of recent commissions.

 FMI or to talk with Kristine about your project contact her today by email.

Working with Hospice of Southern Maine, Kristine created several paintings that are part of the Twilight in the Park event held at Deering Oaks each year.  Her paintings are used both in their advertising, on their T-shirts and also as a series of cards used to help celebrate the event.  Kristine is honored to be a part of this event.

A work of art to celebrate a wonderful woman's passions and life
A recently completed commission. How wonderful to create a work of art that brings joy and good memories for those loved ones who have passed.  Very dear to me when I am asked to be a part of this.
Retirement Gifts
A special commission for one of the founders of the Turner Barker Insurance company upon his retirement. This iconic building found at the end of Commercial Street in Portland was a really fun painting to do and Kristine had a hard time giving it up,  but is now proudly hanging in its new home.

The Homestead 
A painting that celebrates the history of one family going back multiple generations.  Now happily sitting on the hearth of its' new home. This one was a lot of fun to do because of the many layers of meaning that went into each component.

Celebrating your Home
Just delivered and hung this latest work and it looks fantastic, the perfect setting, in a beautiful home with colors and surroundings that mesh perfectly.  Thank you for letting me do this!!